Marshall wins. Cook loses. Vincent asks why.

26 Aug

In the South Pacific, there are two groups of islands: The Cook Islands and the Marshall Islands. Obviously, there are others as well – but I’m just interested in THESE TWO.

The reason being, the Marshall Islands have the LOWEST road fatality rate in the WORLD: just one-point-seven people per year, per 100,000 pop – while the Cook Islands have the HIGHEST: FORTY-FIVE per 100k pop!!!

(To put that into perspective: the UK has about four-point-five, Italy: eight and India – a country where they habitually overtake on blind bends and trust their lives to their gods – about twenty).

Now I’ve checked – and the Cook Islands has a population of just 12,000 (plus a lot of tourists) and 33km of paved road – and 287 km of unpaved. Meanwhile, the Marshall Islands has a pop of 68,000 and 64 km of paved road – no figures for unpaved. Both island states are basically a series of coral atolls.

We are dealing with SMALL POPULATIONS here. The Marshall Islands only has 68k and 40 miles of proper road – the rest are just dirt tracks. Life is probably EASY and no-one is in a hurry to get anywhere – hence the low rate of accidents.

The REAL mystery here is the COOK Islands.

THEY have a scant 12,000 inhabitants – that’s only about the population of WOODBRIDGE. But they DO have a lot of tourists, who are used to driving on different sides of the road. Plus they only have 20 miles of made-up road – and 175 miles of dirt tracks. Maybe it’s the damn TOURISTS’ fault!


One Response to “Marshall wins. Cook loses. Vincent asks why.”

  1. Vincent August 26, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    Well, you ask a silly question…

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