Dereg Local TV would've done well in 1949.

27 Aug

I guess the proposed local tv licences that are going to be introduced in Wales are an experiment that will be monitored by all interested parties for viability and commercial competence. If it all works out then I suspect the licences will be introduced in England based on the existing operating model.

It will provide some employment in local communities but there won’t be any ITV style wages like the old days of ITV. I would think salaries will be more in line with shops and supermarkets. I’m not that convinced that there is that big a market for local tv. The cut backs in ITV regional news were effected because of falling ratings for regional news shows across the entire country.

Sat and Cable TV provide multi-channel choice 24/7 so a viewer can find something to watch whenever they choose to channel surf. At the end of the day, will viewers really want to tune their tv into a live debate from a Newport City Council meeting of locally elected officials or will they want to tune their sky box into the latest CSI Miami? I guess the Jury is still out on that one.


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