Claimants should accept cuts because…?

31 Aug


The employment agency “Hays” who deal with a lot of professional and managerial job placements has a contract with the Royal  Bank of Scotland to supply labour in various areas on a temporary basis.

RBS is 80% owned by the British tax payers since the banking crash in 2008. RBS is at this time in the process of making cutbacks and redundancies throughout its business.

This morning an employee of Hays Recruitment sent an e-mail to some of its contractors by mistake. The e-mail detailed what some of their temporary staff at RBS are being paid and guess what? Some have agreements worth £2000 Per Day and all this in a bank that would not even exist were it not for the British Taxpayer.

This is the level of contempt that we are all held in and don’t forget, if the temporary employee is getting £2000 Per Day, the day rate being charged by Hays to the bank for that employee will be double that.

In these circumstances why should anyone living on benefits accept cuts???

This all confirms what I have been saying to you and others for a very long time, that the banks were out of control and had total contempt for everyone else. The final pay off to Sir Fred at RBS should have been stopped by the government and even now his bank account should be frozen pending a recovery action.

I was first alerted to how companies bleed government (Taxpayers) white back in the 80’s when I was involved in a maintenance contract for the Royal Navy.

One small plastic component that we were paying 10p for was invoiced at £10. Government, and in particular Defence, contracts are like printing your own bank notes. One boss said to me, they (the Government) have an obligation to look after the interests of British Business.

It was that same frame of mind that saw Honourable Members of the Lords and Commons use creative accounting in the recovery of expenses.


One Response to “Claimants should accept cuts because…?”

  1. Vincent August 31, 2011 at 5:48 am #

    Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. Billions given to PR people, bank employees – and more billions wasted on military white elephants, etc.

    And all the while, Her Majesty’s Government spends its time trying to find new ways of SCREWING BENEFIT out of people who, thanks to HMG’s short-sightedness and incompetence, find themselves DEPENDENT on it.

    Then, said HMG officials go and fill out their Expenses forms.

    When I was a kid, I thought corruption was something only practised in Third World countries…

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