Liberal Democrats doom at next election?

31 Aug


The Con Dems are to withdraw the long distance [National Express] coach travel concession in England from 31 October. I have only used the concession a couple of times in my life but I note that 3 million such journeys were made last year.

It’s good news to me in that the more voters who feel aggrieved by this will all help towards a Labour win next time around. I say Labour will win, as public feeling is such that the Lib Dems are already history.

I know it was a huge temptation for Nick Clegg [Liberal Democratic Party Leader] to give his party a chance to play with the real thing after 60 years in opposition, but he should have known that to let the Tories in after Major and Thatcher, was a non survivable situation.

Hence the word at street level is now one of anticipating a House of Commons after the next election with the Lib Dems in single figures. If that happens the “Third” party could die out forever and we may see a Parliament with a 2-party system like the US. That would make the Commons a more straight forward place to do business.


3 Responses to “Liberal Democrats doom at next election?”

  1. Cy Quick August 31, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    The logical thing to predict is that the Liberal Democrats will leave the Coalition after four years of its founding. They will claim that it is over a policy which they simply cannot go along with.

    At the consequent earlier-than-promised General Election soon after, Conservatives will win with a thin majority.

    Labour turnout will be traditionally small, as the oiks fail to show up in the voting booth, as always, not putting their powerful collective ass where their loud mouths are.

    Given what money-wasting spivs Blair and Brown were, thinking-floating voters will default to social-background and be split evenly betwixt the three main parties. Lib-Dem members will be down by a third, a smaller loss than they feared.

    If I am wrong in any, or all, of these predications, it will not be my fault. It will be because of some astonishing new development, such as UKIP finally get their message (that there IS still time, but this is the final chance) through to the thick skulls of the trusting population.

  2. Jay Liotta August 31, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    Should Cy Quick’s prediction be correct, it will have more to do with the Kinnock Effect than other parties or turnout.

    The Labour Party is contaminated by the Trade Unions who donate large sums to party funds in return for party voting rights. It is an archaic system that belongs more in the 1950’s than the 21st Century. It is the same system that got Neil Kinnock elected Labour leader, a position that left both him and the party in the wilderness for years.

    That same throwback to yesteryear saw the highly electable David Miliband passed over for his younger brother Ed. Not sure of how to proceed with this comment I asked a Software Professional friend of mine for her take on the situation and she had this to say:

    Ed Miliband has all the finesse and style of a Union Official who has been dispatched from head office on an errand to collect overdue subscriptions from a troublesome chapel of the union.

    His brother David Miliband, every inch the statesman, could be described as “Box Office”. He could have cut a swathe through the Hollywood system had he not entered British politics.

    So there you have it: the Kinnock Factor is back in play. Labour party officials are “Thickies” for allowing history to repeat itself in such a predictable way.

  3. Vincent September 3, 2011 at 6:55 am #

    I agree with your prediction, Cy. David Miliband looks okay – but Ed looks like a CHILD-MOLESTER (those EYES).

    And ever since the JFK/Nixon debate, everyone knows politics IS a beauty contest. Labour should have gone with David.

    “Milibands – I don’t hold with these new-fangled metric politicians, anyway – give me the good old Imperial ones – like Michael Foot” [Alan Coren]

    And Cleggy did EVERYTHING wrong – he should have read my blog – THEN he’d have known what to do – he’s TOAST.

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