Ghana is now 100% a scammer's economy.

31 Aug


Email connection back on as of 08:00 hours this morning.

Don’t know how long this will last as here they just switch things off to carry out maintenance without warning and if the public phone in to ask what is going on they will act dumb and say don’t worry our engineers will find the problem as soon as possible, leaving them with however long they want to do their work.

I switched to network Air-Tel as their data services always appeared to be on. I was on Vodafone prior to this but, after 8 days with no data, I went to their head office only to be told by their staff that they had no internet connection all week and could not tell me when it would be back.

The power company try to announce cuts regarding their work but the other week there was an unannounced cut in the capital Accra. The power company said some members of the public had broken into the Sub-Station at Cantonments Area and removed cables connected to power transformers so that the cables could be sold for the copper value to scrap merchants.

The same thing happened to our neighbour who has a bungalow. The power cables connecting them to the pole were low enough for thieves to be able to put a step-ladder up in the dead of night and remove them.

The power company took 7 days to install new cables, in Africa everything has a value and everyone has their own scam, the only question on anyone’s mind here when meeting someone they don’t know is…

“What’s Yours?”



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