Ten-Years-After 11-09-2001 coverage begun.

2 Sep

The 2-hour ITV-1 doco on 11-9-2001 last evening  (Thursday) told me much more about the 11-hour delay during which the White House staff with President Bush (2) won the fight to keep him and the VP separate.

The rest was very familiar. I watched live from 20 minutes after the first hi-jacked jet-liner hit the south tower (World Trade Center tower 1). Just two shots were new to me.

They were from right at the foot of each tower, in turn, as the tinker-toy assembly gave way, each layer spanging outwards as the weight came down from above it.

The entire structure depended upon the small ledges upon which each floor strut rested. When the floor struts in the fire zone melted into a dip, the end of the strut fell off its ledge.

Fire, reclaimed its crown as the most dangerous enemy of humankind (other than religion). The total killed on 11-9 was 2976.

One thing the comparative damage of Twin Towers and Pentagon established was that hi-rises present an easy-kill zone, low-rises are a more difficult environment in which to harvest murder victims.

I have always been impressed by the calmness that Bush maintained for the sake of the children. The thing about being President in a democracy is that you are a not dictator, just a presider. In the 11-9 attack, Bush presumed the secret service people knew best. After 11 hours, he could stand it no longer.

2 Responses to “Ten-Years-After 11-09-2001 coverage begun.”

  1. Jay Liotta September 2, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

    The upside of 9/11 if you can call it an upside was the lesson Bin Laden taught the US administration about being prepared. In spite of the Billions of US dollars spent on defence for as long as anyone can remember, the US eastern seaboard was unprotected. That being the case, it is reasonable to assume that the west coast was also unprotected. It beggars belief that the US believed their eastern seaboard was geographically beyond conventional attack. I later read a report on line that when the US did eventually launch fighter jets they launched unarmed as no fighters were armed and actually on standby. US citizens whose taxes are supposed to protect them were held in contempt by 5-star brass who were up their ass.

  2. Vincent September 3, 2011 at 6:45 am #

    Sorry Cy, I have to disagree on this one. In my experience, Bush couldn’t find his way out of a ROOM unless the Secret Service opened the door for him. And he didn’t have to “scare the children” by leaving – just a smile and “I’m sorry guys, something important’s just happened and your President’s country needs him” would have sufficed. I’ll bet OBAMA wouldn’t have just SAT THERE…

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