Hidden Internet where police can only follow.

4 Sep


I was on Channel 4 News feed and an item called the Hidden Internet. It as about criminal trade on the internet that the police can’t regulate owing to software that hides the IP address like the Tor software I was using.

The police have relied in the past on credit card transactions and banking data to help trace offenders but now that route has started to fail.

The underworld has introduced its own on line currency called Bit Coins. This enables normal trades on line without the need for financial institutions.

It is more evidence, if any were needed, that those in authority do not understand the cyber cultures and communities and the very real difference between the old analog technology and the endless digital options that are created and re-created as the on-line working environments need for them changes.

The options are only limited by imagination and are therefore infinite, The police and other law enforcement agencies have to understand that in this on-line world they can never lead but will have to follow.

Of course citizens are right to demand privacy. The police and any other official body have zero right to monitor our personal business and private life.  That is the reason I use multiple email address options and change mobile numbers, address data and names that I am known by in order to defeat phising.

It is important in any country, but in the UK it has double the importance owing to the number of government agencies phishing at any given time, MI5 being just one of them.

Remember the golden rules:

Never put your real name and address into a computer.

Never put personal banking or credit card details into a computer.

Insist on paying in cash to maintain financial anonymity.

Do not take out a mobile phone contract. Only use unregistered sim cards on pre-pay.

Use more than one alias and have accounts in all and every name possible.

Never use any real ID info, written or photographic on social networking sites.

Every morning I get up and enter my real name into Google search just as I did this morning. It is so satisfying when nothing pops up.


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