Air Force One changes hands so suddenly.

5 Sep


I called Cy the morning after the last US elections and asked why these African Americans were cheering and dancing out in the street to the Obama victory? Cy replied “He is a Great Man”.

I said, regardless  of that, he is not in a position to do very much. I said he (Obama) was like the British Prime Minister, an elected administrator and nothing more. I also pointed out that it was a few families in the US and UK who controlled 90% of the nation’s wealth that would take a direction as to how the economy and nation proceeds.

At the time Cy said “We have to give him time. He has to have his chance.”

I said to Cy, that won’t make any difference. With that in mind it is with great interest that we can now observe how the Wrigleys and Woolworths of this world have through the Republican Party and the Tea Party conspirators effectively managed to detain Obama in handcuffs pending the passage of time and the lead up to the next American Elections.

Last week a representative of the body that represents the owners of Commercial Television Stations across the United States made mention of the fact that his members were looking forward to the impending 2012 elections and the anticipated windfall that was due to them as the political parties are expected to spend record sums on commercial air-time. Of course the Wrigleys and Woolworths will own or hold stock in a number of these broadcast properties so it will be a double bonus for them.

Smoochie Nice Guy Leaders are just that and nothing more in the real world.

I am reminded of a few lines from the 80’s movie “Wall Street” when the Gordon Gekko character played by Michael Douglas
lectures the young upstart played by Charlie Sheen on liquidity. He said:

“I’m not talking about some working stiff executive flying first class. I’m talking about having your own Jet.”

The Wrigleys and Woolworths do own their own Jets.

Airforce One is on loan to the Obamas and their time to play with it has almost run out.



2 Responses to “Air Force One changes hands so suddenly.”

  1. Jay Liotta September 5, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    With regard to Obesity, I remember those days. “Your not leaving the table until you have cleared your plate” OK that’s fine, I was to later understand that the parents of the UK baby boomers had suffered shortages during the war years like everyone else and to put it simply could not stand to see food wasted. Here in Africa the problem is very serious owing to traditional eating habits and rich sauces and maize based dishes. Children from poor families who do not have access to fast food establishments like their UK counterparts are still suffering from obesity from buying cheap local food from roadside hawkers. However by far and away the biggest problem is the African mind set that says “Obesity is an outward sign of Wealth and having been successful in life” Winning the hearts and minds of any nation has always been the most difficult part. Jay

  2. Vincent September 5, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    It saddens me that “the most powerful man on the planet” actually has LESS real power than the British P.M.

    I mean, at least HE has a MAJORITY and can thus do anything he likes (subject to Washington’s approval if it affects THEM, of course).

    Whereas Obama can only do EVIL things quickly – like start another WAR.

    In order to do anything GOOD (like the afore-mentioned healthcare) he has to toady up to the arsehole Right – who block him at every turn.

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