Sky Pack Back. Fox News.

8 Sep

Given my new financial arrangements, I am able to restart my Sky Package. It was only 24 April 2011 when I quit. I thought it was much longer. They kept phoning to ask if I wanted to re-start the contract. They even offered me a half-price for six months deal.

They have new packages now. It now costs me £25 rather than £22.50p but such is life. It is nice to see Fox News from New York City back again. I will check up on E Entertainment channel. I will also see what Eureka is like.

There they are on Avenue of the Americas at West 48th Street, with the Stars and Stripes and, almost as important, the flag of News Corporation.


3 Responses to “Sky Pack Back. Fox News.”

  1. Jay Liotta September 8, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

    Anyone on a limited income who voluntarily gives that F*** Pig Murdoch Twenty-Five quid a month for a feed of totally naff video channels, produced by the brain dead for consumption by members of the uk public including:

    The unemployed and unemployable, social benefit fiddlers, honourable fiddling members of parliament and the assorted collections of alternative social misfits that make up the electoral roll in your area.

    Oh sorry, did I leave anyone out? Just drop a comment below and I will try and include you in the next round of my observations on the crumbling walls and infrastructure of British society and the ever growing contribution made to it by Rupert Murdoch, his Family and close Political Friends and oh yes, lest we forget, BskyB.

    Jay Liotta.

    • Vincent September 9, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

      The problem with The Murdoch is that back in Eighties Britain (thanks to incompetence by the controllers of Beeb Two) he learned his secret: put a handful of GOOD series on – then fill the rest of your schedule with CRAP (“E!”, his own “[Wherever’s] Next Top Model”, various “reality” and “lifestyle” shows and of course, Fox “News”) and the plebs will FILL your coffers for that handful of GOOD shows – ’cause you are the only channel in the country that HAS them.

      And now he repeats the exercise all over the World – including S.E. Asia, where I LIVE. But luckily, here, there are OTHER channels which have ALL the good stuff – relegating HIM to having to cling on to other companies’ platforms, rather than OWNING said platforms. At least, that’s the situation for NOW…

  2. Vincent September 9, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

    One thing: true New-Yoikers still call “The Avenue Of The Americas” – SIXTH AVENUE!

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