Who will take over planet Earth?

11 Sep

Journalists are used to giving both sides of an issue. But the vast majority of Western journalists (those rightly called such) do NOT give both sides of the argument when reporting on the National Socialist Party of Germany, 1928 to 1945.

Now, there are some channels that give both sides (the sane judgements and the hate-based opinions) in the critical issue of what I shall (to avoid malevolent searchers arriving here) call the return of a certain tribe, of a certain faith, to a certain land, in fulfilment of their own prophecy.

And, there are OTHER channels that, rightly, do NOT give both sides of that PARTICULAR issue. Rather they report the EVENTS as opposed to the extreme OPINIONS. I am speaking of English-speaking channels since I have no other language (low-grade shopping French does not count).

Today, Sunday 11 September 2011, the news channels I am monitoring all day, Fox, Sky, CNN, BBC, and a rotation of others on my fifth screen, are covering the tenth anniversary of “911”.

I am writing this with the audio (which is controlled through a push-button source selector box beside my armchair) turned down. I hope soon to liberate myself from the compulsion to write this web log. It is a cursed and sterile addiction.  

I finally rejected my childhood indoctrination, which claimed there was a creator who was supposed to be all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful, and loving, at the age of about 20.

The truth is that all faiths are superstition. The truth is that all knowledge of the universe and its contents, both living and not living, is best obtained via the microscope, the telescope, and the scientific method of observation followed by experimental testing of postulation to reach a tentative conclusion.

I retain my loyalty to the certain people who returned to their ancient homeland, and I retain my disapproval of those people of a certain other faith who are filled with faith-based hatred for the returnees.

The returnees, from 1882, fleeing from murderers of the Orthodox Christian Church of the Russian Empire, merely desired to buy land and settle as food producers under the more-benign rule of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

But those amongst the returnees who insisted that they would only be free from being victims of the murderous mobs if they, the returnees, set up their own nation-state with their own defence force, were eventually to win the discussion.

Attacks continued as mobs, roused at weekly religious meetings, stormed forth periodically to do murder. Thus was the idea of an actual independent nation-state forced upon the unwilling majority of the returnees.  

After a period of rule under the British (who had been given a mandate by the League of Nations) and after the Second World War, where half of the twelve million murdered by Nazi racists (NOT killed in battle) were their own people, the returnees finally won United Nations approval for independence.

The renewed nation desired to live at peace with their neighbours, a refuge at last from religion-based murder. But the neighbouring nation-states, populated in the great majority by people of the aforementioned certain other faith, joined in-mass to exterminate the returnees.

To the surprise of the entire world (with the possible exception of a few fundamentalist Christians) the restored nation, after great sacrifice, won their independence war, and a succession of further wars.

At first, France was an indispensable help, but then, following the turn-coat lead of the Soviet Union, France also turned their coat in order to benefit from the natural fuel resource which the certain other faith happened to be sitting on. USA alone remained 100% staunchly in support.  

Which all leads us to the War On Error which preoccupies humankind on planet Earth in this high-technology age.

There are some of the English-speaking TV news channels which allow spokes-people from the certain other faith to give the side of the people who attack the West, as well as attacking the “returnees” who are, of course, now almost all native-born in their renewed nation-state.

But I take care to avoid being insulted by the Nazi-like propaganda from these hate-filled intransigents. Their vitriol actually misrepresents the people in the street who, right from the start in 1882, have wanted only to benefit from mutual tolerance and co-operation with the neighbours of the older faith.

So I am using my fifth channel today to rotate twixt CCTV, NHK, Euronews, and France 24.

My spiral notebook tells me that I should mention another couple of things:

1) What work actually goes on in places such as the World Trade Center? Was, and is, the WTC a nest of financial services industry thieves? I have NO idea.

2) Anarchists of the extreme Left (NOT to be confused with genuine socialists who fight for social justice and human rights) say they desire to end organised government and start again from scratch.

Any anarchists that existed in a certain area of the planet that has been, since 11-9-2001, following in the footsteps of the Eastern and Central Europe, and of the ex-Soviet Union, have had their desire fulfilled.

But it remains to be seen WHO TAKES OVER IN THE VACUUM.


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