Doris Day -what is there to say?

12 Sep

Jay has alerted me to this BBC coverage of the Que Sera Sera lady:

Doris Day has become the oldest artist to score a UK Top 10 with an album featuring new material, according to the Official Charts Company.

Day’s My Heart has gone in at number nine, 62 years after the 87-year-old’s debut album was released in the US.

In a career spanning more than 50 years, Day – Hollywood’s “girl-next-door” – has appeared in 39 films and recorded 28 other albums…

…British singer Vera Lynn topped the UK album chart in August 2009, at the age of 92, but that was with a greatest hits album, We’ll Meet Again – The Very Best Of Vera Lynn.

I remember Doris Day from Children’s Favourites on the BBC Light Programme on Saturday mornings in the 1950s. It was mostly her Que Sera Sera that was played very often. I liked it and still find it quite nice. I know the words forwards (I am no good at backwards).

Any star who is still alive from those years makes me feel weird. She was the OLD person who was in movies like Calamity Jane (unless I am mistaking her for someone else). She obviously was younger than I perceived her to be. When you are a child, anybody who is merely grown-up is perceived to be old.

Doris Day is, I have NOW to accept, ONLY 17 years older than I am. Am I now supposed to think of her NOW as in the same age category as ME, namely OLD?

She was 17 when I was born. She remembers World War 2 as a young adult. I was a baby, toddler, and little boy before it was over.

She was accused by the trendies of being prim and proper. They confused her with the characters she typically played. She eventually had to work hard at proving that she could be naughty with the best of them. I sympathised with her.

I never thought of her in the same sensational league as, say, Brigitte Bardot in her Vadim phase. (Actually, NO lady matched up to Bardot.) Doris Day, looks-wise, was neat and tidy, as opposed to exotic. It is an insult to girls and ladies for us men (even no-show crocks like me) to be obsessed with their Looks. But, of course, THEY are, too.

I look forward to seeing a shot on Fox News of Doris Day dancing on the graves of dead critics at wherever plot next to the city dump they end up in, not Forest Lawn (which you look down upon as you walk up Mount Lee Drive, on the back of the HOLLYWOOD sign location) or similar posh spot.

“…whatever will be, will BE… the future’s not ours to see…”

I say: Doris Day is AOK. And I understand that she is highly intelligent. Oh, no space left to write about that aspect. Does anybody have a Comment to add?


One Response to “Doris Day -what is there to say?”

  1. Vincent September 12, 2011 at 10:49 am #

    I’m old too – in fact I remember Doris Day before she was a virgin – (who WAS the person who originally said that? I think it was Groucho).

    The American Fifties WAS Doris Day. But in the Sixties…

    Thing is – in Sixties America, “make love” meant “seduce”. But in Britain, the word evolved to mean SCREW. Which meant that the lyrics to “Move Over Darling” suddenly gave the song a whole new slant.

    And Doris sings the song with such PASSION. I recall a DJ who used to close his show with it, with ribald comments – calling Ms Day “Dreadful Doris”!

    And given her SON, Terry Melcher, produced the record… Holy Therapy!

    Most people think the film “Move Over Darling” was a Doris Day/Rock Hudson vehicle – but in fact, the hero in THIS instance was played by Jim Garner – who accidentally broke one of Ms Day’s RIBS, while filming a “massage” sequence.

    Of course, the film was a remake of the uncompleted last project of Marilyn Monroe, with Dean Martin – “Something’s Got To Give” – but that’s another story.

    So: think SCREW – then listen to Dreadful Doris’ classic opus…

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