Toff crime purposely ignored by politicians.

13 Sep


I was on Jon Snow’s blog “snowblog” and thought I would tip you as to his comments. Of course you can read them yourself but the thrust of the post is the question of why, after 3 years. no bankers have been prosecuted for the 2008 crash?

Snow is saying, quite rightly in my view, that thousands of rioters from last month’s UK riots have appeared in court and been dealt with, in the majority of cases for offences to the value of less than 50 quid! However, with the one exception of Bernard Madof who would have been prosecuted anyway for running a Ponzy scheme, no-one else has been charged.

It’s a fair comment and proves beyond doubt that the little people who carry out minor frauds and fiddles have a high target rate in the eyes of law enforcers, but David Cameron’s former house mates from Eton, who are engaged in major criminal activity of the kind that has in recent years been termed White Collar Crime, are left untouched in the hope that the statute of limitations will run out, in the passage of time, and no one will ever be prosecuted.

As Snow points out, the clock is ticking but there is no sign of any interest or action. Action is limited to the “petty” mob.



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