Are ALL toffs power-corrupted high life trash?

14 Sep

There are wealthy people who ARE trash and those who are NOT. The ones who wallow in vulgar materialism to the extreme are disgusting. The ones who give to, or even found, charities to help the less able, are admirable in all aspects. 

Matt Taibbi documented the toff trash of the deregulated financial service industry in his articles in Rolling Stone magazine, then in his Book GRIFTOPIA.

Toff is an English slang word short for toffee-nosed. I was mistaken for a toff in a Southport computer class. My accent had slid over the divide, as it does without any intention of mine, when I was asking a question in ironic mode.

“Bloody toffs!” said he, in a stage whisper. He turned out to be a master of ceremonies at a pub off Lord Street. After explanations on the street, after school, he shook hands and apologised.

Our very own Jay, as a man who has worked mega-hard on the technical side of the radio and television industry in UK and West Africa, including transferring veteran newsreel footage to tape prior to the cyber team taking it to the next stage, is very hot against toff criminals. Oh, you noticed?

I am a true social-ist, as distinct from bossy boots trades-union leaders, and fascistic anarchists (a walking-talking contradiction). I can easily be mistaken for a Right-wing extremist by those of little learning who jump to conclusions.

I have little learning myself, so I know what I am talking about. I have jumped to more conclusions in my lifetime than a kangeroo, on the world-famous Toowoomba airstrip, has jumped to avoid an approaching VC 10.

I learned 100% of the truth about Marxist-fascist loony-Left would-be-toff trade-union trash at the Plymouth Guildhall in the mid-sixties.

The Union of Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) had called a meeting to protest against the proposal to extend shop-opening hours. Five hundred of us from Co-op House had flocked there after work that day.

I spoke up for the bosses, telling the pampered shop workers that they should try a REAL job like GPO telephone operator round the clock, or at a hot production factory where things like glass bottles or chocolates were made.

The family folk fussed about not being able to take care of the children if they had to work Sundays and evenings.

I pointed out that they would be able to work the shifts which suited them, whilst people like me would expect the union to push for double time pay evenings and triple pay Sundays.

It was to no avail because USDAW had called the meeting for ONE PURPOSE that being POWER ACQUISITION. They were power-grabbing loony-Left Marxist-fascists.

They called for a vote in favour of the USDAW motion totally opposing Sunday trading. about 499 morons raised their paws. Without a pause the M-f’s at the table brayed:

“Carried unanimously!”

Up on their feet, and rushing for the busses outside on Royal Parade, went the moronic mob. I WAS NOT GIVEN ANY RIGHT TO VOTE AGAINST.

That, dear surfer of the blogosphere, was the spit-second when I became a virulent hater of the EXTREME, hypocritical, power-grubbing, spiritually dysfunctional, evil, extreme Left.

As I said: I am a TRUE-social-ist… too sad, and too bad, that I am also a mentally, and socially, and sexually, dysfunctional pervert… but that has nothing to do with Politics has it?


One Response to “Are ALL toffs power-corrupted high life trash?”

  1. Jay Liotta September 15, 2011 at 8:15 am #

    Don’t get upset, it’s called democracy. It was Carried Unanimously when the Citizens of USA voted fellow moron Ronald Regan to the Presidency. It is a well known fact that the average Joe Blow on the street is clinically dead mentally. In both the British and American political systems, the majority of new laws and policies will suffer serious flaws. It is the same with trade unions. Their rule book would have been written by the same morons. The only thing the two have in common is First Past the Post, in other words Carried Unanimously!

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