Alfie: Left or Right of Centre?

27 Sep

First time I’ve done this – posted the item below on my own site today and then thought that it is the kind of thing I sometimes put on here. So………

There was an item on the BBC East news programme (which covers the area in which I live) last night (26th September) concerning political utterances at the Labour Party Conference affecting the region.

I would not have heard the words in question first hand as they were spoken by the Labour “leader” Mr Ed Miliband – a man who not only resembles one of Nick Park’s animated characters from the “Creature Comforts” series but also possesses a Doctor Who style “perception filter” which causes my attention to wander FAR away the moment he opens his mouth!

The words he is supposed to have spoken concerning East Anglia are these:

“The Eastern Region is central to Labour’s plans”.

Knowing my way with words as you do, can you see where I’m going with this?

Of course, the sentence was uttered in the context that Labour has only two MPs in East Anglia and the message referred to target seats if there is ever another General Election – NOT as any kind of reassurance to East Anglians looking to improve their job prospects or the prosperity of the region generally.

It was, basically, advice to potential Labour candidates to the effect that “Here is where you will have to lie the hardest”!

However, since there are always boundary changes in the offing, I hope that said candidates will bear in mind that if East Anglia is CENTRAL to their leader’s plans then some of them are going to wind up with constituencies in the middle of the North Sea!

Perhaps based on the huge numbers of offshore “Wind Farms”!

That would be apt!



One Response to “Alfie: Left or Right of Centre?”

  1. Vincent September 28, 2011 at 4:20 am #

    Arf! I s’pose there are always the forts – Red Sands and Shivering Sands – although “Sealand” claims autonomy…

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