Vincent: The Dutch And Amish Finally Lose Their Cool

8 Oct

It’s been a funny sort of week.

Since 1973, Britain has been going down the dumper. While technology has made life easier, everything else has conspired to turn the Uke into a country which is enough to make an archbishop kick in a stained glass window.

ASBOs, Political Correctness, “Privatisation” (commercialisation) Climate Change (floods and nonstop rain) rules, restrictions, etc.

And in America, it all started going wrong around the early Eighties.

Fox “News”, George Wan… sorry, WaLker Bush, the TSA, Oprah, AIDS, anti-smoking paranoia, etc.

But you could always rely on SOME people to remain COOL. Like the Amish. There they were – living in peace and harmony, having spurned the trappings and false glitter of modern society.

Now they’ve started pulling each others’ hair out.

And in Holland, Europeans could kick back and LEGALLY get high.

But now, they have decided to BAN tourists from their hash-bars. And ban the nice, modern, STRONG weed – reclassifying it with HARD drugs.

Now, I don’t know what has made the Amish go all handbags on each other (no-one except them ever will; a tight-knit community, they) but a lot of the problems of Britain, America – and now even Holland – can be laid at the door of ONE group…


Yes, for ’tis THEY who cause all the trouble.

Stateside, they call Obama a NAZI for suggesting they might be better off having a BUREAUCRAT standing between them and their healthcare, than a greedy businessman, whose LEGAL duty is to DENY them all the care he can.

And no matter HOW nice Barack is to them – they just SPIT at him. “Most powerful man in the World” my hairy arse – Obama cannot even SMOKE in his own office.

While in Britain, the only difference between the two political parties have been their NAMES.

And I hear that Holland is now going the same way.

No, right-wing arseholes RULE and RUIN our lives. It’s time for a clean-up. The French had the right idea.

In 1789…

One Response to “Vincent: The Dutch And Amish Finally Lose Their Cool”

  1. Vincent October 15, 2011 at 12:33 pm #

    You may be right. I can only hope the economic Armageddon waits until I am ASH…

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