Soap to be based in Bournemouth for Fox UK.

15 Oct

This is completely made up. The idea is merely my suggestion. There OUGHT TO BE a new TV Soap Opera based in this Poole Bay conurbation.

One thread would be young pop groups such as Gun Angel. Another would be spivs in the local authority.

Add drunken yuppies rampaging downtown each evening, .  

It OUGHT TO use filler from the daily-diary trivia wot I write. Today, some thrilling filling includes the kid on the auto-checkout at Tesco Castle Lane looking with dismay for his fiver, to supplement his coins change for his tenner.

“Don’t forget your fiver down here, mate” I said, pointing to it.

He eye-contacted the scruff old bloke with embarrassed acknowledgement. I thought of the Tommy Handley character who said “Don’t forget the diver, sir. Don’t forget the diver…”

Another thrill, or nil, fill in my suggestion submission would be the wee girl and her grandmother at the cafeteria next table. “Urgh! The table’s wet!” I quickly whipped out the K-roll from my back pack. “How many pages to you want?” She said one. Grandma said two.

The bus gangway was blocked by a fat lady or gent (difficult to say which) holding the luggage ledge, and the baby buggy handle sticking out. I ducked and did a waddle under neath. An old couple made a sound of how-about-that and I said “I didn’t know it would work but I thought I’d try it!”

These minimalist no-frills ad-type fills only last 20 seconds but they segue into another thread clip. The wandering hero needs to be a war-timer, in his last daze. Thread warriors need to be jelly baby all sorts of young students, jobless, and employed geeks, brought together by the issues and miscues, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of zappy-ness, in ye bar-life and ye car-life.  

Needless to say, the beach activities scene, and the celeb scene in Sandbanks and Branksome, and such fights as the freeway completion versus the Greens, and the Movie-Academy scandal of the students versus the know-all arty course leaders, as discussed in the uni cafe, and on the social sites, are goodly thread feed, for starters.

Dig the pic above of the hotel, only 200 years old, and the first toff holiday house built to found Bournemouth, on the empty heath twixt 3,000-year-old ports of Poole to the west and Twynham to the east. And dig ye 1950s new Methodist church, built to replace the WW2 blitzed one on the Square, now being converted to more popular use; rumor says a strip club. Check out the good old Google camera shadow in foreground and the half-wiped bird mess up top. Peeking in the distance, the old Royal Court Hotel where ye Beatles stayed, and divers other Pop idols, plus dolls.

Or I could stick to listening to the Tony Paul Show on Radio Caroline…

6 Responses to “Soap to be based in Bournemouth for Fox UK.”

  1. Vincent October 16, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    You could even have BIG-screen ACTION pieces – like THIS one…

  2. Cy Quick October 17, 2011 at 7:39 am #

    Thanks for the pic, but where is North Cliffs? I recall somebody saying that a cliff is a hill, half eroded away, or something. How about that Lyme Regis Triassic World Heritage Site sight though, eh? Bit by bit, the story of Earth’s wild, worst years is revealed, the time before humans were here to knock things about a bit, bringing order to chaos, dominating as Genesis puts it. Sadly, Green fascists (as opposed to real greens with a balanced view) are fawning over crocs that ought to be exterminated. (Uh-oh, I always hafta see the bad side and pour cold water on the party, don’t I?).

  3. Cy Quick October 17, 2011 at 7:48 am #

    Oh! I just noticed that the pic had an arrow in the middle! So I finally pressed the arrow and saw the action. Very nice. Thanks. Of course (here comes the knock at the Green Party types) some people think that the status quo is how things have always been. A coast is eroding? Spend billions building potty little defences (ruining the view). So, I ask the Greens, which is the heritage to be defended here. The before? Or the after? People who build houses on cliff tops should not throw parties on the patio in the middle of a gale.

  4. Vincent October 17, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

    Sorry, Cy! North Cliffs is in CORNWALL – I just used it generically.

    Oh, and talking of crocs: a hundred or so have been liberated from croc farms, by the floods and are now in Ayuttaya, the old capital – which is only about 60 miles from here!

    I’d better be careful where I step…

    • Cy Quick October 18, 2011 at 4:36 am #

      Just when I thought you had found the perfect paradise on Earth…

  5. Cy Quick October 19, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    We must not forget that, wherever a flat plain exists, it is the location of many millions of previous floodings that have built up previous uneveness into what we see now. Some stand knee or thigh deep in rain water and claim this never happened before, so we humans have sinned and made the gods angry… (or modern equivalent of this psuedo-science!)

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