Chaos Chronicle. Mess Express. A few clips.

16 Oct

Paul Rand was paid $100,000 for the NexT logo. This I learned in one of the obits for Steve Jobs. I pride myself that I can suss most things but that one beats me. Why DO people fail to recognize marketing and public relations output for the con job that it is?

The Dolphin pub (nice stone and brick building) on Holdenhurst Road, suddenly closed about three months ago. Now it is being converted to a Tesco Express. It is right opposite Aldi, and a Premier shop is just a few doors away. Cooperative Food is three blocks away. Asda is just down the road by the rail and coach station. Who is going to win this war?

The tethered helium balloon in Central Gardens, by Bournemouth Square, on the Bourne stream, lost its Wave Radio sponsor some time ago. With the Wave logo (comprising the name only, in a nice and plain font) gone, I noticed that the balloon (which takes sight-seers  up and down for about ten quid) has an aircraft registration: G-CFBF -how fascinating! My father (1896-1984) used to love the balloon at York Gala when he was a boy.

It was amusing to me when I saw the South Coast Mobility (selling old folks electric chairs) move from its small shop to fill the great big motorbike place opposite (at the junction of Shelley Road and Ashley Road in Boscombe). At the same time the motorbike place (yummy steeds lined up inside and outside) moved to a much smaller place where the curio shop used to be (the one that had the “red Indian chief” outside). Le plus ca change the more weird it gets. Or has old Earth seen it all before? 

Sturton and Tappers are closing down. You can get 70% reductions on their lovely furniture. Everything must go. Winton loses another old firm. Actually, it may even be the last. Three cinemas long gone, of course. Even the Bingo that took over the cinema down the north end been taken over by a new age indoctrination group.  

Just like the French airliner cabin crew that failed to spot that their plane was nose up in a stall and falling, and pulled back on the stick sealing their fate, the staff of service industries will be helpless when the big cyber crash comes. Paper? Pen? Writing stuff down? Huh…?

What a shame that Matt Taibbi is getting no credit for his work in Rolling Stone magazine, and his books, exposing the financial service industries crime wave (NOT financial crisis as the moronic news media at large put it). He never should have used the f word so much, at all in fact.

Fox News (15 years old recently) carried the entire Obama news conference live, on Thursday 6 October. Sky, CNN, Beeb peeled off after a few questions. FNC weirds me out. One moment I hate it for its fawning upon the great god Profit. Then it does something noble. CNBC and Bloomberg aired the whole thing too, of course.

At the time of tapping (on these keys) I am still in a deep abyss of mire and desire to quit the computer hobby. Fate has given me the middle finger with the BT Broadband fiasco. Why should I not walk away and admit defeat?


One Response to “Chaos Chronicle. Mess Express. A few clips.”

  1. Vincent October 16, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    Aw, don’t give up NOW, Cy! Speaking of the logo con – how the HELL did those pseuds get away with that OLYMPIC one?

    I’m sure they CLAIMED to have hired dozens of experts in sociology and psychiatry – then submitted their designs to umpteen focus groups – then studied the resultant paperwork for months, etc., etc.

    But does anyone SERIOUSLY believe the creative didn’t just give his five-year-old kid some crayons and tell the brat, “‘Ere – do me a logo, with ‘2012’ and five circles – alright?”

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