Musicians have a right to get paid for their work.

22 Oct

A much-flung accusation against Radio Caroline after the ship-based British pop radio station began at Easter 1964 was that the owners did not pay royalties to the artists who made the records that were played.

Caroline insisted that she was ready to pay as soon as Phonographic Performance Limited would meet to make the arrangements. But PPL refused to legitimize what they regarded as a criminal operation.

Yet MV Caroline (in Douglass Bay, Isle of Man) and Mi Amigo (off Frinton, Essex) were outside British territorial waters and broke no law. Similarly, Voice of America had the ship Courier at sea off Greece during the war twixt communists and nationalists after World War 2.

In the Daily Echo of Bournemouth, today we read that PPL have imposed a ban on a night club a night club downtown. Dust Til Dawn on Old Christchurch Road, owned by M&R Nightclubs Limited, have no licence.

After a visit by PPL inspectors on 11 May 2011, letters were sent to the venue informing the company of copyright laws, and the need to buy a licence to play any form of mechanically recorded music.

PPL represents around 5,000 record companies and 42,000 performers, covering 97% of all music, and, depending upon audience and venue size, can charge as little as 14p a day, says Jonathan Morrish, PPL spokesperson.

High Court judge “Justice” Mann has presented M&R with a legal bill of £1,700 and a fortnight in which to pay. A £10,000 fine and prison for 6 months are on the back-burner ready to bring forth in the case of breaching the ban on playing any more music before the matter is sorted.

I did not see, in the Daily Echo story today, anything about the geographical location of M&R or its owners.


One Response to “Musicians have a right to get paid for their work.”

  1. Vincent October 23, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    Of course, it is a fact that the record companies sailed OUT to the “pirate” ships with their latest releases, for the ships to PLAY.

    This way, the pirates MADE the Beatles.

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