Edmundo Ros. Lindsi Bluemel. Land of Hurnia.

26 Oct

After only recently mentioning Edmundo Ros in my Post about Dinah Kaye who worked with the Latin American bandleader and had just died, Spencer Leigh in the i newspaper did an obit on ER who has now died at 100. One song in his style on BBC radio was OK. A whole show, no.

Edmundo William Ros was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in 1910. His mother was an African Venezuelan, and his father was pink Scottish. Ros was one of many boring old musicians shoved at me on BBC Light when I wanted Doo Wop or Rock n Roll as a boy.

Lindsi Bluemel, the lady cyclist whose skid-lid was stolen, and who came off her bike thanks to litter on the freeway cycle lane, is still in hospital in serious state, according to yesterday’s Daily Echo in Bournemouth. He family members have rotated watch at her bedside. 

I felt terrific after a long walk in the prolonged downpour, from Parley Cross to the Aviation Industrial Park. The Airport Shuttle bus then took me to the terminal. I was  delighted to see the History Wall which has an easy-to-read image-and-text mural of the 1941-2011 story of RAF-Hurn thru BOH. Top marks to the graphic creators involved. No arty rubbish, just a wonderful job!

However, the private owners of BOH are intent upon forcing every car-driver to pay for entering their holy precinct. You are frowned on if you drop someone off on the highway (Parley Lane) when they want you to drive in, park, and pay.

A guy wrote to Daily Echo last week. He had been dropped off, and then set off to walk in. As I have found many times before: NO SIDEWALKS! How long can this go on. 


2 Responses to “Edmundo Ros. Lindsi Bluemel. Land of Hurnia.”

  1. Vincent October 26, 2011 at 5:51 pm #

    This is a comment on your last THREE posts! One: in Cooke’s day, the LA smog was FAMOUS (the area was bowl-shaped and when the wind blew off the sea – as it usually did – the smog STAYED and BUILT UP) – so much so that they began a MASSIVE programme of “cleaning up” – which cost me two hundred and fifty quid for a pointless “catalytic converter” – when Britain slavishly followed suit.

    Two: while a lot of Edmundo’s fare was like THIS…

    …he did nevertheless turn out THIS…

    …the SEXIEST tango record EVER!

    Three: “Ecstasy” is currently playing, so I’ve forgotten…

    …oh, yeah – there’s only ONE “S” in “Ros”!

  2. Vincent October 27, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

    I believe Saab once turned out a car that claimed to be an air CLEANER – the catalytic converter was so good that the air coming out of the exhaust was cleaner than the air entering the air filter!

    Hey – did you not play “Ecstasy” through to the END? It’s BONKERS, man!

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