My mistake, but I made the cosmos suffer.

31 Oct


This morning I dropped in on Boots, in Saxon Square Arcade, in Christchurch (CX). I stood squarely on the weighing machine and it told me I weighed 81 kg, NOT 67 kg as the machine in downtown Bournemouth said.

I knew it all along, subconsciously. The problem was that I DID NOT STAND SQUARELY ON THE PLATFORM in Bournemouth!

As you can imagine, I made the universe pay for its dirty tricks. I had a flapjack with my pot of tea at the Regent. I had a slice of Dorset apple cake at the market (every Monday in CX).

I also bought the three CDs (for £20) recorded by the trio Borderlines (two of them, the duo Jezebel, were playing in Saxon Square).

I bought War Cry (putting in a quid coin) AND I bought the new BIG ISSUE (£2 plus 40p extra). I told the bloke that I was glad to see the back of the Halloween cover (last week’s).

Finally, I bought Daily Echo, Daily Mail, and the i newspaper. And at the same shop a can of Ginger Beer.

THAT ought to teach the cosmos, aka life, aka everything, a lesson for messing me around, would you not agree?


One Response to “My mistake, but I made the cosmos suffer.”

  1. Vincent November 2, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    I understand that digital scales are best – they measure the weight on all four corners of the footplate. So even if you stand lopsided…

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