Andrew – Goodnight, my friend

12 Mar

Cy Quick has PASSED.

This site has been effectively suspended for five years. And if you read its “about” you’ll see why. However, I am now belatedly adding this EULOGY.

Cy was a pseudonym for ANDREW.

I first encountered him well over twenty years ago, when he began contributing toward a Mensa writers SIG I ran (Mensa: we might have both been crazy, but at least we weren’t stupid).

And although we never met, over the next two decades plus, I got to know and grow fond of the man.

Back then, I was about forty and he, fifty (today, sixty-four and DEAD).

And over the years, I have built up a picture of him.

He liked Doowop and Radio Caroline – and hated trees.

He was something of a loner, living in a flat in southern England.

He had had a relationship with a woman many years earlier – but when he realised he was gay, it did not end well.

Now, while I was a product of the Swingin’ Sixties, Andrew hailed from the Repressed Fifties.

And being gay was ILLEGAL then. And even when, in 1967, this was overturned – little changed.

For a start, the age of gay consent was pegged at twenty-one and remained so for many years.

And Andrew was repelled by the idea of congress with a mature man – and scared to death of same with a young man.

Although it seems he occasionally succumbed to his orientation – but was FILLED with guilt and self-loathing afterwards.

Also, I believe he might have been manic-depressive (U.S. – bipolar).

This is evidenced by his posts (a mixture of BRILLIANT angst-ridden scribblings – and routine, mundane blogging) – and his habit of periodically DELETING his blog (and clubbing his computer to death with a hammer).

But eventually, he would acquire another computer and RETURN.

However, after he gave me his password for THIS blog – it containing a lot of good stuff, not only from Andrew; but by THIS and OTHER writers – I took the opportunity of DOWNLOADING it.

Then, the next time he had a rush of blood, I edited his trivia out of my shadow file (retaining his GOOD stuff) then created this blog, uploaded the material to it and presented the result to him.

I said I’d delete his stuff if he REALLY wanted me to – but he said it was cool.

Thus far, I have presented an image of a troubled, unhappy man; one with deep issues – who was born a decade too early.

But a man has many parts. And Andrew had always harboured a desire to visit what he believed was his spiritual home – Los Angeles. Particularly Hollywood.

And so, some years back, he saved his pennies and WENT there – for a holiday. And a few years later, instead of exploring elsewhere, he REPEATED the experience.

Both times, he took many pictures, sticking them on his current blog (there may be some on this one).

But this was his last hurrah. Soon would come the end. Alzheimer’s fried his Mensa-level brain during his last months In This Place – and eventually killed him.

Nevertheless, at least this gave him a peaceful, painless passing.

He always thought his blog writings would be valued long after his passing – possibly by aliens. I never tried to dispossess him of this.

In any case, some of the BEST of his work is at least preserved HERE, below.

Currently – over the past eight years – more than fifteen hundred souls have stumbled across these ramblings. A handful may even some day read THIS.

So in closing, I’d like to state that I am the richer for having known Andrew – and the poorer since his passing.



3 Responses to “Andrew – Goodnight, my friend”

  1. Alfie April 9, 2017 at 9:39 pm #

    I had the great pleasure to be appointed one of the writing team on the Sumpnado site in its heyday – I’m the “Dave” listed in the categories at the foot of each post here!

    I never met Andrew/Cy personally but intended to make arrangements to meet if I ever got to his part of the world (which I never did). He was unstinting in his praise for my writings both here and on my own blog and I will miss his occasional comments.

    In his passing the average IQ of planet Earth has dropped a bit while that of the Cosmic Overmind has increased by the same amount.

    So farewell my friend and I’m sure we will meet somewhere out among the stars someday.

    Dave/ Alfie

  2. Janice March 25, 2018 at 6:06 pm #

    Hi Andrew was my Uncle and so thank you for the information. I am sad that he could never be openly gay. I thought that he was from things that he said when I was a child. He may not have given you his true surname but I feel I should not disrespect him by giving details that he may not have wanted to share. I tried to find his blog but couldn’t and so will be interested to read it. He never wanted a fuss and was difficult to be in contact with and very resentful of his upbringing and didnt want to be associated with family at times, although was very close to my Mum. I have memories of his viewpoints on life and belief in space exploration. I found you when looking up Euphemia Widlake, my Great Grandmother and was amused by your thoughts over the name! Anyway better not waffle!

    • Vincent March 25, 2018 at 6:46 pm #

      I THINK Andrew told me his real surname – but I can’t remember it! I just knew him as Andrew – a gentleman and a scholar. We knew each other for over 20 years, via Mensa. Sadly, we never physically met – and now, we never will (we were both atheists). But during those two decades plus, I valued him enormously. Also, when he focussed, he was a hell of a writer. He could have become legendary if his life had gone down that route. He had his demons, but I know he had happy times. Never more so than his trips to Los Angeles. I miss him.

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