About this blog…

This is a shadow of the original blog, Sumpnado. Its owner had a rush of blood and deleted it. But I – as an occasional author on the site – RESTORED it (from my own files) since it includes some of MY scribblings – and those of a couple of others. There is some good stuff on it – and as most WordPress hits tend to be generated by people having stumbled upon an individual piece, via Google (or some other route) here are all of the best bits (and some less so) of the original Sumpnado. All of the text has survived the move (posts, comments and links) and a few of the pictures. However some of them went AWOL during transfer (although this blog never had many pix to begin with, so no worries). The blog is now “dead” (or sleepeth, at any rate) but it contains some great wit and wisdom from the end of 2009 to late 2011 – so ENJOY!


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