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Super Powers behind Blackberry pause? Necessary?

15 Oct

A prolific contributor over many years, to the HAVE YOUR SAY readers’ letters page in the Daily Echo of Bournemouth, has this to say on the recent Blackberry network failures:

It is naive to think that this is a coincidence or an accidental fault.

As [the Blackberry] network has been used for criminal and terrorist activities we must be aware that leaders of the super powers need to monitor it.

There is no doubt in my mind that “big brother” is, and rightly so, systematically interrupting the service globally to install software that will highlight suspicious messaging.

We have a right to our privacy, but also a right to expect to be kept safe by our respective governments. This minor inconvenience is surely a small price to pay.

Jay, on a visit to Wales, responds:

OK, that’s a new one on me. I did not hear about it because I have not had the time to read any papers.

It would provide an excellent cover to install such software, and RIM would lose business if this got into the public domain.

The problem that RIM face now is that free apps work almost as well, and provide a seamless email experience without complication, for free.

Security is best carried out with multiple devices and addresses.

Sim card changes, and random name and address changes, can foil phishing and provide privacy on a more secure level than the blackberry encoding, due to the diversity of the component parts.

It’s down to the level of interest of the individual.


I, Cy, having just turned 71, and having no interest in acquiring a Blackberry, and floundering right now in a rush of work resulting from a privatized telephone service mess up, which I made worse by cancelling all my direct debits in a panic, say, ha-ha, I’m glad, go to Hell all of yez.