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Fingers crossed for new Boscombe book shop.

18 Oct

Out at the east end of Boscombe, just before Pokesdown, in the 700’s of Christchurch Road, is a new bookshop that also does coffee and vintage furniture/curios.

Name? Not going to tell you. I have to go in week by week first, and buy the yummy Isaac Asimov, Robert Anson Heinlein, and Douglas Neil Adams old SF titles before you do.

I bought Methuselah’s Children and Tunnel In The Sky by RAH, plus a Valentine black and white photographic booklet of Sydney New South Wales posted from there at 11h30 on 9 July 1951 to a lady in Dudley Worcestershire.

The Harbour Bridge, and Circular Quay, are pictured, but not the Opera House. Titchy Bondi Beach is there, but not the magnificent Manley Beach, although we do see The Harbour Pool and Ferry Wharf in back of Manley.

No sign of the Caltex Building, of course. It was the first of the post-war high rises in the Circular Quay business district. This is according to my memory of Australasian Post, PIX, and People magazines sent to us in York.

The 60-year-old pix (like a drop-down menu) show how my uncle (1910-1969) would have known it, when he went out there in about 1950 to work at TCN9 as a graphic artist. He took the Manly Ferry every morning.

There now follows a brief development of an idea that occurred to me whilst riding on the bus. I noted it down. This was during my recent offline hiatus. Now it can be told:

An abandoned or bereaved child commonly fantasizes (we are told) that Mom and Dad did not REALLY want to leave them behind, or are not REALLY dead. Someday they will turn up and take their loved one away from all this. Then there will be a life happily ever after.

Similarly, EXACTLY similarly, innocently ignorant folk in bygone superstitious times, and willfully ignorant folk of these scientific times, imagine, through all the horror and terror of life in both nature and human society, that there is a loving, powerful, big daddy in the sky who will, one day reward them for their ritual and praise…