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Green extremists have the West by the balls.

15 Sep

What proportion of the atmosphere of planet Earth is carbon dioxide? I had a vague idea of a number in the teens. But from Alder Heights comes the answer: 0.038%.

Daily Echo in Bournemouth has a great HAVE YOUR SAY readers’ letters page and, yesterday, under the heading Carbon dioxide is not a poison, is the following:

Successive governments have deliberately destroyed our manufacturing industry. There’s nothing green about manufacturing turbines in China, using electricity from conventional [coal] power stations, then shipping them around the world.

Of course they then have to be moved, on a local level using trades running on diesel before digging foundations for them.

Oh, then there might not be enough wind. Foiled again!

When will this carbon dioxide fascism stop? It’s not a poison!

Any reputable science book will tell you that air is 0.038 per cent carbon dioxide – a trace component!

The entire wind farm argument is built on the myth of peak oil and people’s desire to maintain their ignorance.

“What luck for the rulers that people do not think,” said Adolf Hitler.

Don’t believe what I tell you – do your research

Century after century, human cultures fall for the sensationalisers. It is much more fun to believe sexy nonsense than mundane reality, apparently. So Trillions of dollars will be wasted on wind farms.

By the time the landscape and coastal shelf are littered with worn-out windmills, that we cannot afford to fix, the Green Party and their fellow fascists, along with the mindless mass, will be onto some other quasi-religious nonsense quest… 

Tony Paul explained the ten minute delay in his show yesterday. It was a function of the wonderful modern technology. Such stuff could not happen in the days of valves aka tubes. Surprise surprise…

Yet another example of the disadvantages of new ideas and alleged improvements. Remember those polyester shirts that dried well after being washed but clung to your skin because the sweat would not evaporate?

I understand that guys who drive modern motor cars have had to sit and die in a multi-vehicle pile up, unable to accelerate out of the mash, as a runaway truck bears down, because your door is damaged and the car won’t start.

In the AI movie, the robot let the child in the submerged car drown, whilst the man who could swim fine was rescued. And all this because we are ruled now by the mentality of image, novelty, public relations, marketing, and advertising.

The rule goes, in the minds of these worshippers of gloss, that if the sales blurb SAYS a product is a good idea then it MUST be.