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Me wrong… Paulo Coelho right… Justin Beiber…

18 Oct

BIG ISSUE this week features a review by Steven MacKenzie of the new book Aleph (Harper Collins £14.99p) by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho who suffered badly for his political beliefs in an asylum and then torture prison.

Paulo Coelho previously wrote the widely read book The Alchemist, and now distributes his work online for free. In an interview he said :

“At this present moment, all bridges are collapsing, economic, political, social. There is only one bridge still standing: the cultural bridge…

“…I may not understand your political system, I may not understand your religion, but I understand your story. I understand your painting. I understand your music, your dancing.

“There you have this bridge. It is my responsibility as a writer to do my best not to allow this bridge to collapse.”

Steven MacKenzie reports that, last year, Paulo Coelho was declared the second most influential Twitter user in a survey carried out by Forbes magazine. Justin Beiber won the top slot and his positively-thinking runner-up had this to say (sincerely):

“I’m really crossing my fingers for Justin Beiber to use his celebrity to do something. He is very young but I hope he can use his influence to do something good.”

In response to my Complaint to BT, a guy called on the phone. Apparently, I was wrong. (See previous Post.) In fact, BT are smoochy-poo holy-angels and can do no wrong. The BT guy points out to me that I am OK now, and I should not worry about the other guy, and he needs to call Sky because it is all their fault. 

Setting sarcasm aside, I viewed two flats today, one in Poole which was on the first floor (level 2) and one in Christchurch which was on the ground floor but too small. I want ground floor, own door, tub not shower, and on a bus route. Virgin connectivity would be nice.