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from Vincent, on… Democracy

15 Sep

Thanks largely to America, the term Democracy is now spoken of reverentially. But is that reverence justified?

Oh it SOUNDS fine – “one person, one vote” – but if 51% of the moronic population have been conned into thinking something by the media barons and politically-correct arseholes who infest our World, it will CARRY – no matter HOW the other 49% of THINKING individuals vote.

Is THIS the Democracy so beloved of “right-thinking” people? Seemingly so.

I recall a fine movie called “The Rise And Rise Of Michael Rimmer” (1970) – one of the ten best films to come out of England – in which Peter Cook rises from a time-and-motion consultant to dictator-for-life of Britain.

It was a political SATIRE, written by Cook, with John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Kevin Billington – and produced by David Frost.

And whilst it was intended to be a comedy, it came up with an interesting premise – PURE Democracy.

Like, if everyone nominated issues every week – then voted on them – you would have a country which was TRULY run by the people.

But of course, within weeks, that country would have degenerated into savagery – and gone BROKE. So much for pure Democracy.

What it ACTUALLY means is the ILLUSION of rule by the Common Man, where two parties do what the f*** they LIKE for four or five years – apparently endorsed by the majority of said country.

In other words – it’s BULLSHIT!