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Forward to the past one more time again.

14 Sep

I’ve been looking at the UK and US economic situation and I think we are heading for a 30’s style slump. No one wants to admit it looks like a possibility. Forty-six million Americans are now officially below the poverty line. In the North of the UK, employers have zero plans to recruit staff. In the South it is variable with the exception of London where there are also zero plans to recruit. We could be looking at a 10 year problem.

On another problem the news reporting on the internet has been full of political comment about getting people back into work and attacking the unemployed and in particular the young of the nation. No one has talked about the people aged 50 or over who are suffering discrimination by employers who try to circumvent the law and recruit only those under 30.

What is needed is the government to start hitting them hard with huge fines but to date there has been no sign of interest. Every one on pension credit should be re-assessed with a view of making employers employ them for as long as they want to work. This would help take the pressure off benefits providing that no health problems prevent them from being able to discharge their duties. The present system is madness.