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Crampton & Rees Rock & Pop (2003) for £4!

16 Sep

At last, Sumpy hits have moved into five figures as we pass through the 10k mark.

(Still a very small deal!)

I just bought for £4, the Luke Crampton and Daffdd Rees Rock & Pop Year by Year, published at £30, from PDSA charity shop in Christchurch.

600 pages, full-colour, double-column, 30cm by 25cm.



“Most people would agree that it was some time in the 1950s, yet its roots stretch back to the 1920s. What was the first rock ‘n’ roll record…?

“While the good and great of rock’s early and middle years were passing away, the new vanguard of mainstream pop music was mostly vapid collection of rappers, rockers and DJs (who aren’t musicians). Everything was getting dumbed down. Great music – featuring great musicianship – was still, as always, being created… …but it was becoming increasingly hard to hear, see, or find…”

“It’s somewhat hard to fathom that rock ‘n’ roll – that unruly, rebellious music of the young – is now in its sixth decade…”.

I would like to offer my sympathy to the family of the deceased (for nobody with soul and body still teamed could possibly let this gorgeous book go) for their loss…